Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003

The Next Steps: Protecting Detainees, Inmates and Safeguarding Communities

Funding Organization:  Bureau of Justice Assistance
Grant Award: 2009-RP-BX-K144
Proposed Project Period: 10/01/2009 – 03/31/11
Project Director: Susan W. McCampbell

Objective 1: Provide the resources, strategies and mechanisms to advise the Attorney General in evaluating the proposed standards submitted by NPREC by bringing together representatives of major relevant practitioner stakeholder organizations (for example, ASCA, AJA, NSA, IACP, CALEA, APPA, ACA) and the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Objective 2: Capture information from BJA-funded PREA projects to enable sharing of information and knowledge transfer which will assist agencies to comply with the promulgated standards and include identifying “centers of excellence” learning sites;|

Objective 3: Identify the training and technical assistance needs of organizations, including methods and strategies, to be able move toward compliance with the standards ultimately promulgated.

Objective 4: Provide for effective project management, coordination with BJA and stakeholders, with an emphasis on communications to achieve the first three objectives.

These objectives will be accomplished in close cooperation with BJA, in partnership with organizations that have assisted NPREC in their work, while assuring the widest possible network is galvanized to gather information, data, and input from those who may not have had the same access or influence in the development of the draft standards. A premium will be placed on identifying existing resources, reports and related documents to assure the most cost-effective use of project funds. During this project period the BJA web-site can be used by agencies throughout the country that are potentially impacted by the proposed NPREC standards to learn the latest news on the review process, as well as learn where to make their opinions heard, add input, find out where to attend meetings/briefings, and learn what their peers have accomplished.

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