Effectively Managing Multi-Generational Workforces
CIPPís offers training for Corrections, Law Enforcement, and Public and Private Sector Organizations
  • Does your organization have an employee recruitment problem?
  • Or does your organization have an employee retention problem?
  • How effectively are you managing your multi-generational workforce?

Does your organization work hard to recruit and keep the good employees you have? Is employee attrition caused by more than the retirement of Baby Boomers? Do your supervisors and managers know how to communicate, inspire and lead the newest generations in the workplace?

CIPPís program provides an environment for agencies to:

  • Examine the level of intergenerational conflict in the organization;
  • Identify the characteristics, traits and core values of the generations in todayís workforce;
  • Get the best of all generations in todayís workforce;
  • Assess internal agency culture and learn the connection to intergenerational conflict;
  • Learn tools for managing the newest generations in the workforce;
  • Develop specific plans to improve employee retention;
  • Prepare the next generation of the organizationís leaders; and
  • Upgrade and update recruiting strategies.

This highly interactive two day training program is aimed at the organizationís leadership and decision makers. This information can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.

To schedule a training program contact:

Susan McCampbell, President
Center for Innovative Public Policies, Inc.
Phone: (239) 597-5906



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